The ALPHA evo with 36m TR5 aluminium boom delivers excellent flotation and sets a new standard in capacity spraying. A new generation hydrostatic four-wheel drive transmission provides best power to weight ratio and performance. The three pillar cab gives unparalleled visibility, is spacious, comfortable and is well-appointed for long spraying days and nights. Tank size of 4100L with 10% over capacity are integrated into the chassis for low centre of gravity, balance and productivity between fills. FastFill allows quick, easy filling. HARDI fluid system from tank to nozzle delivers precision application to the target every time. Track width from 1.82 to 3.54 is mechanically adjusted and ground clearance options are 1.2 or 1.65m. Unmatched boom performance from drift-proof TWIN air booms to 30m and aluminium TR5 to 40m.

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