Pull Mounted Simplicity Air Seeders are available in one bin (1500 litre PM1) model, two bin (3000 PM2) model and a three bin (4500 PM3) model.

The PM Series Simplicity Air Seeders have a number of different drive options. Our two �ground drive� options are a Wheel on Wheel drive (Standard) and a Drop Wheel Drive System. There are also the options of Electric Drive or a Proportional Hydraulic Drive. All Pull Mounted Simplicity Air Seeders are fitted with our robust 4 way metering system, and come with hydraulic blower motors and surveillance monitors.


Model # of Bins Standard Ground Drive Linear Actuator Proportional Hydraulic Drive Electric Drive
1500 1 Standard NA Optional Optional
3000 2 Standard NA Optional Optional
34500 2, 3 Standard NA Optional Optional

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