The Simplicity 308 Allrounder builds on the reputation and history of the 305 Series. With the addition of a floating hitch, the 308 Series offers increased ground following ability. The incorporation of a floating hitch design includes front castor wheels and makes the 308 Series much more suitable for undulating and hilly conditions.

To incorporate the floating hitch, the rear wheels are moved one row further back. Still being inside the frame footprint, the rear wheels still bear the majority of the weight, allowing the front castors to primarily maintain level and ensure floatation. The front castor wheels are connected to the rear axles via a linkage and bell crank mechanism meaning only a single set of hydraulic cylinders is required for lifting the bar. Using this mechanical single ram design ensures oil flow required for lifting is kept to a minimum and adjustment is simple and reliable. As the 308 Series does not have a rigid connection to the pull and is self supporting, greater working widths are possible.The 308 Allrounders are available in single and double fold models from 9m up to 20m with standard tyne spacing options of 250, 300 and 333mm. Incorporated into our frame design is the ability to accommodate multiple tyne spacings, in most cases each frame width can accommodate all three spacing options with a simple tyne re-arrangement. The wide open five bar design and a massive 815mm of nominal underframe clearance allows for maximum trash flow through the bar.

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