The 305 Series Allrounder is a simple, robust hydraulic tyne machine dually suited to secondary tillage operations and minimum till seeding.

Large in frame wheels ensure maximum floatation in field and are equally effective for transport. Wheel positions are set for effective operation in controlled traffic situations and are centrally located for best depth control. Wide, open 5 bar design allows for maximum trash tolerance even down to as low as 200mm spacings. Using this 5 bar design also adds flexibility, with 200mm, 250mm, 300mm and 333mm tyne spacing all being possible on the same frames with no alterations (200mm excluded on some models). Available widths in the 305 Series range from 6m up to 15m with single and double fold options as well as a range of wheel centres. Wing wheel isolation kits are available to reduce on road transport widths, as well as a host of seeder pulls, tyne shanks, point and boot options along with seeding kits for all models.

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