The John Shearer 3.0 metre Pasture Drill is purpose built for pasture renovation.

In the Shearer tradition, the drill is engineered to maximize serviceable life and operation. The robust construction makes it the ideal choice for use in many farming conditions.

Model Specifications

Sowing Width Sowing Spacing Sowing Rows Transport Width Weight Empty Openers Tynes
2.8m (9'2") 155mm (6"), (125mm (5") option also available) 19, (23 row option also available) 3.0 Metres (9'10") 2680 kgs (5908 lbs) Double disc opener w/- press wheel, vertical travel 250mm (9.8"). Packing force 182kgs (400lbs). Coulter and press wheel, both 380mm (15") diameter. '580' standard, with double spring optional. Fitted with mini 'T' boots or lucerne points.

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