Speed, precision, performance, that's exactly what you get with the MacDon M1170 Windrower and R1 Series Disc Header. Our patented CrossFlexTM suspension and low-profile, forward-mounted cutting discs help deliver a smooth, clean cut at in-field speeds of up to 14 mph (22.5 km/h).

The two-stage controls allow for faster and more precise positioning of the header lift, and customizable One-Touch-Return buttons can be programmed to control the header�s height, tilt, and cutting speed. With all this and more, it's easy to see why the M1170 Windrower and R1 Series Disc Header are a knockout combo.

R1 Series SP Disc Header Specifications

Size Weight Number of Cutting Discs/Blades Drive (Maximum Hydraulic Power) Cutting Speed/Knife Tip Speed Cutting Angle Range Gear Train Protection Hay Conditioner Option: Type/ Length Options
13 ft. (4 m) 4650 lb (2109 kg) 8/2 127 HP (94 kW) 1,800 to 2600 rpm / 131 mph (210.8 km/h) to 189 mph (304 km/h) 0-8 below horizontal Shearable key in each spindle Inter-meshing steel / 129” (328 cm), polyurethane rolls / 129” (328 cm), no conditioner Tall crop divider

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