The Agland Macerator 6620 has been designed to improve the quality of the green hay bales. The macerator has a cam pick up to direct the swath (windrow) into rubber rolls for feeding into a set of steel serrated rolls for maceration. Equipped with an air pressure system to set different levels of maceration aggresiveness, the Agland Macerator 6620 gently cracks the stem of the crop allowing stems and knots to dry quicker than conventional crimping.

Used extensively across North America, Europe and Australia; and among a wide variety of crops including millets, alfalfa, timothy, sorghum, corn and grasses, the Agland Macerator 6620 continues to provide farmers with an efficient solution to increase crop quality and value.

Model Specifications

Overall Width Length Height Weight Tyre Size Suggested Tractor Size Operating Speed Pickup Width Swath Cuts Windrow Widths PTO
10'6" (315 cm) 11'4" (345 cm) operation 3'6" (105 cm) - transport 5'6" (165 cm) 3,800 lbs (1,633 Kg) 11 L - 15 SL 80 HP (60 KW) or over up to 10 MPH (16 km/hr) 66" (165 cm) up to 14’ 66" (165 cm) 540 or 1000 rpm

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